Sunday, February 22, 2009

Develop the Power of Concentration.

  1. Concentration is the power of the mind, through fixed habit and practice, to keep your mind on one subject until you have thouroughly familiarised yourself with that subject and mastered it.It means the ability to control your attentin and focus on a given problem until you have solved.
  2. It may also mean the ability to throw off the effects of habits which you wish to discard, and the power to build new habits that are more to your liking. It means complete self mastery.
  3. concentration is the ability to think as you wish to think, the ability to control your thoughts and direct them to a definite end, and the ability to organize your knowledge into a plan of action that is sound and workable.
  4. Ambition and desire are the chief factors which enter into the act of successful concentration.
  5. Desire whatever you may, and if your desire is within reason and if it is strong enough, the power of concentration will help you to attain it.
  6. Nothing was ever created by a human being which was not first created in the imagination, through desire, and then transformed it into reality through concentration.
  7. When you concentrate your mind on a particular project, fact of a nature closely related to that project will 'pour' in from every conceivable source.The theory is that a deeply seated desire to accomplish a project, when planted in the right sort of 'mental soil' serves as a center of attraction or magnet that attracts to it everything that harmonizes with the nature of the desire.
  8. Learn to fix your attention on a given subject, at will, for whatever length of time you choose, and you will have learned the secret passage way to power and plenty.This is concentration.
  9. There are few causes that will make your mind wander: Physical - illness,shock,accident,restlessness ; Mental - profusion of interest,indolence, lack of interest,morbid anxiety,habit of drifting; Social-monotony of daily work,highly specialized duties narrowing the mental sphere.
  10. It is necessary to attend only to a few subjects so as to do well in them.Narrow your range and intensify your focus.
  11. Trace your own cause of mind wandering and follow a stringent method of work so as to enable you to concentrate on one thing at a time for at least half an hour.
  12. If you want to develop extra ordinary memory, it is necessary to develop the power of concentration.You can never recall what you have never concentrated with much attention.If the original experience is vague, the result will be vague.If you saw inattention you must not look for a rich harvest of recollections.If your mind wanders, you get a mass of vague and unorganized data.Let your mind concentrate, and mass is changed into a classified and easily recollected whole.
  13. Discovery and originality are the result of concentration.No man gets brilliantly original ideas about which he has thought little and of which he knows nothing at all.
  14. The best way to develop remarkable power of concentration is to memorize 100 digit numbers.This will sharpen your mental capacity and quantitatively measure your power of concentration.Do this very day just as a fun.Muraleedharan

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